Eating Psychology Coaching

Get off the rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting for good!


Let me help you achieve your health and fitness goals by working through the health challenges that hold you back from making lasting, sustainable change.


You will gain confidence and independence whilst learning how to establish food and lifestyle practices congruent with your health aspirations. I will help you break free from the confusion and frustration around nutrition and finally get off the rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting. I will support you throughout the process by providing you with guidance in a personal way and keep you accountable by setting homework tasks to keep you moving forward on this journey of change.

Coaching Services


An initial 90 minute assessment in person or via Skype/ Zoom.

The purpose of this session is to allow me to get a greater understanding of the areas we need to work on in order to get you where you want to go.



Your current relationship with your health, body and food didn't just happen overnight! It will take time to create the new relationship you want and it may take longer than 18 sessions*. Typically we meet once a week for around 60 minutes, for 12 weeks. Then we meet once every 2 weeks, for the next 12 weeks (6 sessions).


* If we both believe that more sessions would benefit you after this, you may purchase them in smaller bundles.

What is Eating Psychology Coaching?



Eating Psychology Coaching is an exciting and cutting edge approach developed by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. It effectively addresses weight concerns, binge eating, overeating, body image challenges, and various nutrition-related health concerns.


As an Eating Psychology Coach, my approach is positive and empowering. I don't see your eating challenges merely as a sign that "something is wrong with you", but rather as a place where we can more fully explore some of the personal dimensions in life that impact food, weight, and health. Often our eating challenges are connected to work, money, relationships, family, intimacy, life stresses, and so much more. By working on the areas that are most relevant for you, success is more easily achieved. It's my job to support you with coaching strategies and nutrition principles that are nourishing, doable, sustainable and that yield results.


How is My Approach Different?


For far too long, we've been inundated by negative messages about food, weight, and diet. We've been told that we're willpower weaklings or that we need more control.  The majority of nutrition experts promote conflicting advice and the result is people are confused about what to eat, and how to have a happy relationship with food and a healthy metabolism.


In my professional practice, I combine many of the best strategies from nutrition science and eating psychology. By eliminating all the "shoulds and shouldn'ts", I focus on what's right for your body and your personal style. As we work together in this way, eating and health issues become a place of exploration. Instead of seeing such challenges as the enemy, they become opportunities for growth and self-improvement.



This coaching is IDEAL for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling confused by ALL of the food, nutrition and health information out there
  • You have been yo-yo dieting and finally want to achieve long-term results in your health and fitness
  • You want freedom around food so it no longer consumes so much of your day to day thoughts
  • You want to break free from calorie counting and macro tracking
  • You want to improve important areas of your life that may be suffering as a result of your lack of energy - family life, relationships, work, self-esteem, confidence
  • You want someone to be accountable to - and that someone needs to be a qualified expert who understands your unique perspective and needs
  • You have health and medical concerns including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, bowel complaints, etc.
  • You want more energy to perform better, recover faster and be your best self!
  • You want to simply feel happier and healthier

"Ellie is fab! For the past few months Ellie has been training me and keeping me committed to fitness. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone and I can tell my fitness has improved greatly. It’s also super convenient as my little boy can join in too (and has great fun!) Thanks Ellie x"

Anna Hutton

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